Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Big Picture Written by Truth

Sometimes truth daunts the crap of you,
Sometimes truth hurts, 
Sometimes truth relieves. 

Sometimes truth is best not to be told; mystery prevails,
Sometimes truth makes you wise,
Ultimately, truth paints a beautiful picture of life.

Truth makes life worth living for. Truth makes this worth writing for. I am no poet but i have composed a fledgling poem here worth every living soul's hearts. It may not be the most beautiful poem in art history but it is beautiful to me because i have learned to accept the truth in its imperfection and all its glory.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dedicated to Every Woman Out There

"Real beauty isn't skin deep but composite of characteristics in a woman  that go beyond the physical - funny, emphathetic, strong, tender, courageous, compassionate, wise, steadfast, pioneering," S. Indramalar.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TONIGHT: Tongue In Chic's Fashion Quiz @ The Bee, Publika

Good news girls! If you are looking how to unwind your day from all the bad stress at work, fret not, i got just the perfect thing for all of you. Head over to the Bee Publika tonight for Tongue in Chic's First Fashion Quiz where you'll be in a good treat for a fun game of KL's fashion trivia. And the best part about the event - you get to snag some pretty cool expensive beauty products too! 

The winners will bag a Bobbi Brown eye, cheek and lip palette; a GAP notebook, DIY stud pack and RM50 vouchers; Thirtyfour leather accessories; Dry Parlour vouchers; a pair of passes to shows at KLFW; and an Isabel Marant pour H&M scarf, which as you know, is no longer anywhere in the world!

Sounds good eh? Imagine those prizes in your hands tonight, you can rest assured that you'll be face ready for Valentine's day this weekend. :)