Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Old But Gold

Another Year Wiser

Wishes brighter,
Smiles bigger,
Sweeter than ever,
But never bitter.

Think less,
Hope a little more,
For life's beautiful treasures and wonders,
Waiting to be explored.

Storms may be ugly,
But the beginning is always beautiful.

Enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Other Side: Kylie Jenner

Currently embracing the wild spirit. Don't think it will ever go outside but it shall stay here - safe and sound. I am so obsessed with Kylie Jenner as of late. She has grown up so much in style, beauty and *ahem* ... sex department. I have been seeing pictures of her controversial plastic surgery lips - so they say - flooding all over the internet. While haters spite, i, on the other hand decided to channel her gorgeous bad ass lips. And, i think i could definitely use a face armour too. So, here's me with a full blown lips and yes, it's all lipstick - totally natural! It's definitely a fun look to play with but i don't think i will ever bring out this look cause i'm SHY and a chicken at heart. Sometimes i wonder where did the once carefree Melly go? Oh well, i guess it's just age catching up with the system for all things proper and correct :)

Trying really hard to maintain composure here

This is what i'm wearing!

Img Source: MTV,

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Depresso Sunday

Sundays are usually lazy and perfect for nothingness. No stress, no worries. Okay, i lied. There is no
such thing as zero worries especially in the adulthood department. So, i will rephrase that. Carefree Sundays with terms and conditions apply:

1. Stress free hours not more than 7 hours
2. Strong imagination is strictly mandatory 
3. All worries will be kept in the head with the help of an imaginary padlock box
4. Listen to only happy songs with zero lyrics - instrumental or foreign songs that are alien to your dictionary. I'd say go for Ratatat's Lapland or Alfonso Santisteban (Scroll down to listen to them!)
5. Lastly, don't give a sh*t about anything

With all that said, my Sunday went pretty smooth until my encounter with bad coffee. Yes, my coffee didn't understand me very well today. My hefty Fourteen bucks Cosan Iced Latte depressed my day further let alone my extremely short weekend. It was awfully bitter and it's not that i hate bitter coffee to begin with. In fact, i have always liked my coffee bitter but this was just BAD. I guess the beautiful cosy interior made up for it and nope, i did not complain to the barista who made my coffee. I shook it off. Why ruin someone else's day right?

Anyway, enough of the bitterness. Let's indulge in all goodness starting with our ears, shall we?