Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where Did The Young Romance Go?

If there was one place where young romance truly exists, it would be through the lens of the ever talented Wes Anderson. I have never seen such pure young love in this time or maybe because I haven't heard of any yet. As a huge fan of Wes Anderson works, his movies have never failed to spark much interest and love for me. So far, not yet. I just got off watching Moonrise Kingdom and i must say it is one of the most original young love story i have ever seen. Maybe not original because some parts of the movie contain familiar elements of randomness (usually found in comedies) and a bit of Bollywood play where you find his characters dancing to the background music in most of his films. But, these familiar elements are very rare for movies nowadays. Directors now tend to focus on cutting edge graphics and angles which are very one focus concentrating either on sex parts, explosions, 'clever' hollow dialogues and the very often predictable man-on-man fist punching scenes. With that said, i guess the original essence of this movie in the context of classic romance living in the 21st century is somewhat valid.Well, at least to me. Now I only wonder whether are there such stories living in this time of age. If you haven't watched it yet, torrent it! Before i jet, here are some really cute pics i stumbled on tumblr from fans alike.

image credit: tumblr, etsy, theyouthquake

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hello blog. Hello readers (if you're still following my blog that is). Hello strangers. Hello people on the internet. This post serves to validate my internet presence and my physical existence in this living planet (obviously, i'm still alive. touch wood). Yes, i am not dead. Well, let me rephrase that in a non-morbid way; I am still kicking and back to social living and breathing every dusty and 0.7% fresh air in this big blue marble i call home . I was on the low for quite some time just like every celebrity on a break. Not like i am one of them, i mean i don't make headlines and i certainly don't go on fancy holidays for self-medication but my books and my humble abode kept me in good company. So, my mind decided to take some time off social activities this year to adjust and adapt to the ever challenging and difficult 'life' changes. I was battling in life's war of personal and work - tough battle indeed. In a nutshell, i was too busy being an adult or keeping up with the speed of adulthood. As much as i'd love to put that life sucks but enough of negativity, i have opted for a mature reasoning like life has been tough and tiring lately. And, it sucks still. With that said, i am slowly getting back to this. On an unrelated note, did you know that a human brain weighs about 1.3 kg? Just thought of sharing this interesting fact which i discovered during lunch today. Readers Digest has always been my favourite lunch buddy - blissful as always. Moving on, tomorrow marks the last day of 2014. This is somewhat scary but i am too tired to worry further. Besides, i am actually looking forward to a new chapter. So, hey 2015, I would like a nice canvas preferably coated and weighing at 110 gsm? Thank you!

And, i hope everyone is well and excited for the new year.  So, Happy New Year guys! God bless xx

ps: As always, here's some beat to get your toes excited!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fool Is Her Name

It was dinner time and she wasn't hungry. So, she decided to take a shower. She removed her makeup and stared at herself in the mirror for awhile. As minutes passed with emptiness in her mind, she realised she needed a towel. She stepped out of her bathroom and headed to her mother's room to fetch herself a fresh towel. Apparently, it wasn't a great time nor a great idea for shower. Timing was rather odd. She walked into her mother's room only to see tears filled in her mother's eyes. It was quite a distance where she stood from her mother. She knew her mother was sad but she didn't want to pry nor be rude as she was in the middle of her mother's conversation with her sister. "I'm here to grab the towel," she said before making her way out of her mother's room. Her mother nodded before the door closed on her. Just when she was about to make her way back to the bathroom, she overheard her mother's cry in her room, "It's okay. I gotta go now. I'll talk to you soon." To end their conversation, her sister assured her that life is hard and it's normal to feel that way. With the wooden door standing in between both daughter and mother, sadness overwhelmed. She then made her way back to the bathroom while sadness clouded above her. Her emptiness was soon like a whirlpool and emotions struck her like hurricane. All she wanted to do at that very time was to hold her mother's hand and look her in the eye and assure her that everything is gonna be alright. But, she was scared and she wasn't sure about 'everything's gonna be alright', so, she drowned herself with her mother's sadness.


It was a beautiful morning. But her mornings are nothing special; they are all the same mundane mornings, she thought. She got dressed for work and had her breakfast. Her mother fetched her to work. While her thought wandered in melancholic air, she decided to start a happy conversation with her mother. She wanted to see her mother's smile and a smile will ease any kind of sadness, she thought. The happy conversation soon turned out to be a twist of character play. It wasn't about her mother anymore. The topic was indeed a happy one but juxtaposed with sadness behind her mother's smile. Her mother beamed in the conversation while her daughter hid her tears behind her feeble smile. Her smile was so weak that she had to hold up her words in order to contain her tears from pouring. She was silent throughout the journey. She knew that her mother loves him very much and she's proud of him. She even supported in his love interest. Essentially, her mother wants the best for him more than her own daughter. As she left her mother's car, she felt nothing but a fool. Funny how she realised that her heart is burning with madness and regret. And, she couldn't be mad at her cos she's not wrong after all. For a fool she is, idiocy and juvenile she lives.