Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Can you believe that it's August already? Everything has been moving so fast! I don't know what time is anymore. There must be a slow-mo button somewhere and i am sure the marvelous Isaac Newton did create one before he passed on and this button remains hidden in the hands of the mysterious almighty 'secret society'. Nevertheless, life still goes on in this fast-paced digital world. I guess i should be happy in my 'life's perseverance mission'. Yes, just 3 more months and i'll be in touch with happiness (i hope). Ninety days and the countdown timer starts today. Thank God for Radiohead who has been keeping me in good hands in the perseverance department.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Everything has its limits and borders but not love. Lately, life hasn't been kind but brutal. Just when i thought it was until i came home to find this rather uncanny but nostalgic warm feeling inside me. Not only my stress was instantly down to zero but my heart was smiling like a little girl again. It has been awhile now since i felt this way. So, my mom tidied up my little workspace and my table was beautiful. My toys are happy and i could tell my table was beaming with joy although it doesn't breathe. Everything was beautiful with so much love and I know one person who is capable for all this awesomeness. She is none other than my beautiful mother. I love her! Thanks mom for making my day.