Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The AmaZAYN Gift

Just when i thought my day couldn't get any better, my sister surprised me with a birthday gift. Timing was perfect as i was still recovering from the death of my Dior Jadore perfume which left me this morning. (Note: she got me that perfume last Christmas so the pain of losing it was REAL.)  

But my sister made all the dark stormy clouds go away. I don't know how she does it but one thing i know for sure is she hates seeing me down. That's why i love her! She's my sunshine and my radio to my head. She restored my smile although feeble after i ripped the gift paper to see a limited edition One Direction's first album with Zayn's face on the cover and the back! Thanks Van Van for the AmaZAYN birthday gift and for being the best sister / friend / partner-in-crime / gym buddy and for simply being an amazing human to me. XO

Monday, May 23, 2016

In The Middle

Left to Right: Sheena, Doreen, Evian, the amazing Stephanie Koh, Umm..Me & the fabulous Sarah May Low

Another year has passed and the numbers just get bigger over time and fast. SCARY. Of course, I meant age here and this also means that i'm officially another year older in my evolving 'woman' body although I'm still trying to understand the transition for which i think i'm doing alright. This year's celebration was surprisingly nice. It was the usual and intimate celebration with my friends and family also not forgetting my newest good friend: wine.

Rundown of My Pretty Amazing Weekend

  1. Road raged with Cat and Pri on Friday. Well, mostly me. Almost broke the ticket machine but i decided to be kind.
  2. Raged again for my awful watermelon sangria but the pizza and chocolate cake made up for it.
  3. Had a birthday song sang to me in a restaurant which i usually HATE but this time i was alright with it. (That doesn't mean that i love the whole birthday singing thing cos it's still weird to me. And i did cringe a bit - please don't hate me girls, i love you and thanks for the surprise!)
  4. Dinner with the family was beautiful, porky and delicious. Dad was adventurous with food this time which i'm really happy for him. So GO DAD! 
  5. Fitted into my old LBD perfectly and headed out with Steph for drinks.
  6. Saw a cute guy at a bar that was very my type but was too chicken sh*t to say hi or even make eye contact - BOO me!
  7. Drank alcohol and it wasn't just wine - i had champagne and i wasn't drunk. YAY me!
  8. My new self-treated MAC lipstick in diva shade lasted throughout the night.   

Friday, October 30, 2015

Pink Is My New Black

Clearly i wasn't ready when this photo was taken but heck, it still works for an OOTD shot! Lately, i've been trying to bring more colours to my 'corporate' wardrobe and what better way to start off with a pop of pink!