Monday, July 28, 2014

Raya Greetings

Today marks the first day of Hari Raya and I want to wish everyone who is celebrating the festival Selamat Hari Raya. Have a colourful happy celebration with your loved ones!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Placebo 2013 in Singapore

I just realised my inconsistency with my 'Throwback Thursday' post and it's not the first time for that. Apologies for the slacks anyway. Just that this time, i'd like to give it a try again cos it is my blog and i can say and write about anything i want. 

So, here goes my second attempt on this. In honour to my second ThrowbackThursday post, i decided to go with a short trip I made down to Singapore last year with my crazy girl Jeeno Star. It was a last minute trip. Plannings and bookings were made over the phone within five minutes. The next twelve hours, it happened and we found ourselves in the bus snoring away until we arrived at a mall which i can't remember the name. Got down the bus and my memory ends there. All i could recall for now is how much both of us were complaining the whole time about being exhausted and how ecstatic we were to catch Molko. 

Despite the rants and terrible lethargy, we managed to get ourselves tickets to the show which was again, bought last minute and no bookings were made cos some internet seller guy decided to play the mean game and raised the price off the roof. We don't like mean people so we dropped him out and played safe by purchasing tickets at the official ticketing counter instead. We were broke with very little cash on us which was just sufficient to get us around and munch tidbit food to survive over the next 15 hours of our stay in Singapore. Thankfully for our good old friend Eka who took us poor kittens in for a night at her warm and fuzzy abode. I remember clearly how her room looked like. Her room is spacious with minimal furniture brew with scandinavian interior. Think Ikea or Pinterest Scandinavian home decor. That. Delightful stay indeed. 

Moving on, Placebo concert was fantastic and we sang our hearts to almost every song he belted except for the newer ones but we did hum along just so we didn't look like a failed fan. HAHAH.. We were joined with Jeeno's friend Lina who was really nice and not to mention, bombshell hot with brains. She gave us a little food tour after the concert and treated us supper which was apparently our dinner. I can't remember what we had but i do recall the food to be amazing for Singaporean standard. It was noodles soaked with black sauce and i think it's either called fried yee mee or hokkien mee. Correct me if i'm wrong, i'm a terrible foodie or to be exact, a horrible chinese foodie. 

The next day was pretty much getting lost (unintended) and finding our way back to the mall. We managed to find Singapore's Hipster Street aka Haji Lane and settled down at a cafe for coffee. The weather was scorching hot and left no choice but to play dress up and changed into our 80% skinship outfit to combat the heat. So much complaints from Jeeno while I was doing nothing but watched her complain and waited for our cab to pick us to the train station. It started to drizzle and heavy pouring after that which we just continued our nothingness and stared blankly to life movements. Incidentally, the owner came out to talk to us for a bit and I thought he was quite cute with his whole GHETTO pull up. Conversation got cut the moment cab arrived. We hopped in and got ourselves to the station. We thought our madness ended but it didn't when we almost missed our bus home. Believe it or not, we both ran using every single energy that was left in us to stop the bus. For the record, i carried Jeeno's bag along with my bag pack at that time. Lucky for us, the driver recognised us and he stopped the bus to let us in. And, that basically sums up my crazy short fangirl trip to Singapore.

Before i sign off, scroll down to see my visual diary of my unforgettable trip to Singapore last year.

And last but not least, a video from us killing time with patience, hair combing and face movements. Enjoy :)