Sunday, October 12, 2014


My highlights for the past 2 hours into October 12th Sunday:

1. New found compulsive read:
2. Brand New Crush: Devendra Banhart
3. Shocking Discovery: Blatant Escort Advertising On The Internet (Dear, police. You're very most welcome.)
4. Catching up Hollywood: New batch of Hollywood celebs leaked photos (Baby V is my ultimate favourite and she makes me wanna hit the gym. Thanks hacker.)
5. Legs I Want: Selena Gomez
6. Emotion: MIXED
7. Food: Sweetened Biscuit aka Hiong Piah (one pc)
8. Drink: Au Naturale - Water
9. Playlist: Devendra Banhart, Elliphant and Banhart D (I JUST LOVE HIM).
10. Ads-I-Can't-Avoid: Cornetto Red Velvet (indifferent), Mango on Spotify (POINTLESS), malaysia escort ads (WTF!)

As much as i would like to elaborate all of them but i think my pointers should suffice for now. There is just too many to dab on and i have only thirty minutes to hang around the internet before my face starts to scream. But hey! At least i posted something here and yes, this blog is not dead. Well, i guess i can sign off now. Good night and Happy Sunday!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


My current obsession with layerings and loose silhouettes. Hailing all the way from my favourite place, Bangkok.



I have been living on the mainstream highway for quite some time now. Nothing spicy on the indie side or rather, disappointing. The Strokes are aimlessly lost while Lykke Li swam even deeper into dark waters. On the bright side, the top 40s save the day! I have been listening to the same songs on the radio over and over again that it has become a routine to my mornings now. Even at the office, I'll be playing them on my Spotify or YouTube. This is so weird and new. I am one who is easily bored and I hate the mundane but I like chores though =)

To sum it, mainstream has gotten better after Bieber. As much as I love Bieber but it wasn't the best mainstream crop, probably still at its fledgling stage slowly discovering adolescent beat. In fact, it was more of a trend cult and pretty face ride. However, today is different. I see fresh faces, big voices, new beats and what i would proudly say, 'Now, That's What I Call Music'. Now, let me introduce you to my latest loves and they are none other than Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. Having already known in the industry, J and Minaj came back even bigger and stronger than before. They've got their highbrow on with even badder bums and killer pumps. I know these girls mean strictly business and they are here to stay for sure. So a month ago, I stumbled upon a track called 'Bang Bang' sung by the girls and was hooked to it since. The video was released about an hour ago and I have watched it like five times! Top notch styling and sick choreography. Everyone looked stunning in the video and Jessie's body is totally killin' it. I can't wait to workout this weekend speaking of which. I liked how the video focuses on just girls and it's quite refreshing to see this feminist turn going since Beyonce 'Flawless' video was released. Girl power is getting really loud and i am very proud of my girls.

Before I jet, I shall leave you all with two videos and some of my favourite #femmepower gifs. I hope they make your bra and panties proud. Good night X

I woke up like this. We flawless, ladies tell 'em.

Marla Singer is bold in her silence and smoke.

IMG Source: Tumblr